Masked meal Madness?

We may be coming up to the end of October, but the Junta de Andalucia’s latest ruling on the wearing of masks has nothing to do with Halloween.

At a Press briefing in Seville last night, delegate Jesus Aguirre reveled that the Junta planned to bring a new set of restrictions.

Jesus Aguirre of the Junta at yesterday Press briefing
Jesus Aguirre at last nights Press briefing

These include new measures in the provinces of Seville, Jaen and Cordoba, as well as the introduction of a curfew in Granada.

As well as this Aguirre announced that the Junta intended to bring in new rules regarding masks throughout Andalucia. Masks will have to be worn in restaurants and bars when sitting at tables or at the bar, and you will only be allowed to remove them “at the moment of ingesting”.

It remains to be seen if by “moment of ingesting”, the Junta means that you have to keep your mask on and only pull it down for each bite, or you will have to wear your masks between courses. At the time of writing the Junta had not published the BoE with exact information and the date that these new regulations will come into force.

Something tells me that meals are about to become much more interesting. I might have to plump for the “soup and a long straw under the mask” option…

Photo by Ross Sneddon on Unsplash

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