Masks for Marbs

Fashionistas can forget evening dresses or that little black number. It looks like the de rigueur fashion item for summer 2020 in Marbella will be a mask.

This fashion heads-up comes after the government said yesterday that face masks will be compulsory in Spain until a coronavirus vaccine is found, with police empowered to hand out fines for non-compliance.

Health Minister Salvador Illa said the measure would continue after the state of emergency ends on June 21 and will “remain in place until we permanently defeat the virus, which is when we have an effective treatment or vaccine against it”.

So we may all be wearing them for a while…

At the moment it is has compulsory for everyone aged six and over to wear a mask in public where it is not possible to maintain a two-metre (6.5 feet) distance from other people.

But when the lockdown formally ends, the measure will remain in place with the government introducing a fine of up to 100 euros for non-compliance – although the security distance will be slightly reduced to 1.5 metres.

As well as remaining in force on public transport, the measure will also still be compulsory in private cars unless the occupants live in the same household.

But it begs the question. Could be the thin edge of the wedge? After all. If the police are checking what you are wearing in Marbella, who’s to say they won’t abuse this power? Marbella might end up with the Fashion Police – “You! Those shoes and that dress? Put the Gucci clutch down and walk away”…

Photo Tiziana Scamuzo/Elexia Beachwear

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