Milady Town Hall?

Well it’s certainly different…

In previous posts I have been writing about what I call the “Dubai-ification” of certain parts of Marbella, in particular San Pedro, where the ruling OSP party seem intent on ripping up the traditional street layout and replacing it with bland, souless pedestrianised areas. They have already dealt a death blow to San P’s once bustling main street and are now ripping up the old church square in the middle of the tourist season. Truly brilliant planning.

I thought, however, that Marbella’s atmospheric Old Town and it’s picturesque Plaza de los Naranjos, that houses the Town Hall itself, would be spared any updating.

I was wrong.

In a scheme that, according to local media, has cost €700,000, the Town Hall has been illuminated in purple strip lights that make the building look like a cross between a Prince Tribute Museum and a “Club Alternativa”. The “Miladyfication of Marbella”, if you will.



In addition to this, the scheme also calls for the 17th century fountain in the square to be lit up, and workmen have hacked chunks out of the historic landmark to install coloured lights.

Needless to say, the opposition PSOE and historic and environmental groups are up in arms about this Town Hall sanctioned vandalism, especially as mayor Angeles Muñoz has repeatedly said that she wants to attract “quality tourism”

Making the Plaza de los Naranjos look like something out of Amsterdam’s Red Light District is no way of doing this!

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