Miss Raw rewrites the restaurant rulebook!

Miss Raw, an exciting World Fusion restaurant in the Marbella Arena takes you on a gastronomic experience like no other.

Based around the concept of the mythical Miss Raw – an “entity that has travelled the world enjoying memorable experiences and who now wants to recreate all these great times in Marbella”, Miss Raw is more than just a bar, lounge or restaurant – it is an experience. Drive and passion fuel that experience, under the seamless management of Cristina Petcu and her talented team.

Miss Raw is easily one of the best-looking venues that I have been to in a long time. There is ample decked terracing to experience that singular Marbella summer vibe, while the spacious interior has plush dark greens and brilliant lighting that hints of post-colonial tropic chic. There is even a ‘street art’ style portrait of the woman herself on the wall!

The mythical Miss Raw!

The main focal point of Miss Raw’s interior is the bar, where the stylish staff are adept at mixing a range of cocktails. The list includes Thyme for Marbella (Beefeater Gin, Raspberry Puree, Fresh Lime and Sugar Syrup, topped up with Tonic Water, as well as Miss Collins (Absolute Vanilla, Apple Liqueur, Passion Fruit Puree, Fresh Lemon, Sugar Syrup and Apple Juice) and the Naughty Lady (which I will let you discover for yourself).

All Miss Raw’ style, however, would be pointless without substance, and when it comes to the food, Chef  Santiago Jaramillo Lopez  and his team have done an outstanding job. Under a less skilled chef, ‘World Fushion’ cuisine could easily have been a bland mismatch of flavours – but this is not the case here.

Put simply – it is outstanding!

Highlights from the menu include the sushi, especially PX Roll (Avocado / tempura spring onion topped with sirloin steak – flambéed at your table!) – with foie grass and Pedro Ximenez reduction, as well as the Spicy Tuna roll, that has a real kick!

The Wagu mini burgers tasted as great as they looked, while Miss Raw’s Tropical Salad was an outstanding mix of flavours including Tempura Shrimp, Grilled Pineapple, Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pomegranate and Sichimi togarash.

Other stand out dishes were a beautifully presented Grilled Octopus with Avocado, Almonds, Spicy Mayo and Mezclum Baby Leaves, and the Entrecot, that featured a deliciously sublime Mashed Potato with Tartufato.

It’s a tough job!

The experience really comes alive over Thursday, Friday and Saturday when the entertainment includes live DJ sets, dancers, acrobats and fire performers, and Miss Raw is also a stylish venue for all sorts of events and celebration.

Based in the new vibrant Marbella Arena, formally the Puerto Banus Bullring, Miss Raw benefits from easy parking.

Having “travelled the World and enjoyed memorable experiences”, Marbella is lucky that the mythical Miss Raw has decided to share them. I strongly urge you to visit and make some memorable experiences yourself!



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