One of the suspects is arrested in Marbella

More arrests made after killing of DJ at Marbella party

Spanish police made eight more arrests in connection with the fatal killing of a DJ at an illegal house party last month

The main suspect, a 30-year-old German, was arrested on March 30 in Malaga, as he was preparing to flee the country.

The latest arrests took place on Wednesday. Among them are a 43-year-old German and a 34-year-old Iraqi, friends of the main suspect, who were at a table with him at the party. The police have also revealed that the main suspect has links with a Hells Angels group

In addition, a 53-year-old Dominican and a 35-year-old Spaniard, organisers of the party; three Spaniard security, aged 43, 44 and 47, and a 40-year-old Spaniard, a DJ who was hired along with the victim for the party, were also arrested

The shooting took place in the early morning of March 29, in a villa in the Guadalmina Alta urbanszation, where an illegal party was being held in breach of restrictions against Covid-19.

According to the police statement, the main suspect threatened to kill the DJ if he did not change the music. The suspect later pulled out a firearm and fired two shots into the ceiling. One of the bullets ricocheted downwards, hitting the DJ in the neck and penetrating his lung.

The other partygoers fled the scene immediately. When the emergency services arrived they found the body of the 40-year-old, as well as evidence of the party.

During the arrests police discovered the vehicle that the suspect fled the villa in, as well as a Hells Angels jacket. An automatic firearm with the serial number erasedm a silencer, two ammunition magazines and €1,635 were also confiscated.


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