Murder, mystery and a new Marbella bookshop!

Johanna Jonsson, an eleven-year-old Swans student, self-confessed bookworm and entrepreneur, has just opened the doors to Marbella’s newest bookshop; Churchill Books in Centro Plaza.

Johanna spotted a gap in the market and wanted to open a book shop that would appeal to younger readers aged between 8 to 18 years. Originally her idea was to dedicate the store to books by her favourite author Stephen King, but decided to extend the range to include all types of mystery and suspense, as well as classic novels from Tolstoy to Kafka.

The master of horror himself, does however have the biggest shelf in the store. Stephen King was also part of the inspiration behind the name of the store’s name and logo, as ‘Churchill’ refers to the black cat featured in ‘Pet Sematary’.

Even at such a young age, Johanna is already well-travelled (born in the US to a Brazilian mother and Swedish father and now living in Marbella) and she always makes a point of visiting local bookstore, the Daunt Books store in Marylebone, London, being her favourite.

At the opening night, commented: “We sold a lot of Stephen King. If you love reading, you’ll love Stephen King, his writing is suitable for every age. It was also interesting to see the wide variety in people’s interests. I got some request for books that we do not have and that I have never
heard of but that I now have ordered”

” Even though we focus on the age of 8-18 we have books for everyone…one lady really wanted to buy a “happy” book for herself. Most of the books are focused on murder, mystery, suspense and adventure, so I struggled to find something for her. However, I will definitely work on creating a feelgood section in the future.”

With a taste in literature that is firmly on the Wednesday Addams side of the scale, this is certainly one to check out!

Centro Plaza Sotano 2B,29660 Marbella, Málaga, Spain


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