‘Never work with children or animals’ the old theatrical adage goes and the same could justly be applied to that other branch of the entertainment world that is otherwise known as Marbella politics.

The Town Hall has had more power struggles and shady dealing than a Sopranos’ season finale during the G.I.L era, more bloodletting and surprise attacks than the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones when the OSP party suddenly defected to Angles ‘Khaalissi’ Muñoz’s P.P. and deposed then mayor Jose ‘Ned Stark’ Bernal, plus the usual dose of Kafkaesque paperwork and Surrealist comedy that is daily life in Marbella.

Even the cast of Reality TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ have found that they cannot compete with the escapades of Marbella Town Hall, announcing that they will be filming the next series in Barcelona. Personally I think this is a brilliant strategic move by Prime Minister Rajoy. I reckon the Catalan separatists will be begging for Madrid to come and save them and they will stop demanding independence within 48 hour of Joey Essex, Arg and the rest of the brainless Bimbo Blitzkrieg hitting Barcelona.

But I digress.

Mayor Muñoz and the rest of the Town Hall unwittingly unleashed a storm of protest when they underestimated the number of animal lovers in town. It’s safe to say that the Partido Popular is the Spanish political party that supports ‘traditional’ values and, although animal rights have come a long way since villagers in obscure locations routinely hurled donkeys off church towers during ferias and Saint’s Days, this is a nation that still indulges in bullfighting.

When the Town Hall announced that they were putting the contract for collecting stray animals out to tender, with the very real possibility of it being taken away from animal charity Triple A, which has been finding foster and forever homes for abandoned animals for nearly 30 years, a veritable mierda storm erupted. Especially as this opened the door for one of the so-called “killing stations” that euthanize animals after 10 days, might get the contract.

Such was the outcry that Muñoz was forced to put out a video message to calm things down, only to have her message completely scuppered by her ranting Health Councillor, Carlos Alcalá, at a chaotic Press Conference a few days later. Obviously auditioning for the part of one of Cruela de Ville’s henchmen, he waved official documents in the air, saying those opposing the Town Hall’s plans were “ignorant”.

Cue huge uproar and one of the biggest retreats since Napoleon from Moscow in 1812. The Town Hall met with Triple A’s secretary Jan the same afternoon – pictured above with the mayor and an obviously delighted  Alcalá – announced that they would be drawing up a new plan with Triple A and Marbella’s abandoned animals were saved.

Meanwhile rumours that activists had brought Goofy, Sylvester and Pluto fancy dress costumes and were planning to kidnap and hold Sñr Alcalá for 10 days to see how HE liked it, were unfounded…