Lord Goldsmith's Marbella Home

Never mind the Boris…

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s holiday to Marbella – or more accurately Benahavis – seems to have divided the Press and public back in the UK

His supporters say he deserves a break after a difficult 18 months both publicly and privately, while his critics claim that he is abandoning the country in the middle of a fuel crisis.

Boris isn’t the first British Prime Minister to choose Marbella, with both David Cameron and Tony Blair visiting in the past (at different times, obviously)

The fact that he appears to be staying at Zac (now Lord) Goldsmith’s palatial estate in the hills above Marbella (pictured) has also upset many, but to be honest the property has been in the Goldsmith family for decades, since the late Sir James purchased it in the mid 80s.

It’s not know whether the PM plans a Puerto Banus jaunt during his stay, or will use his time to “Build Back Better”.

In the meantime, comments on Social Media have ranged from “That’s a long way to go for petrol”, to “look where the sniveling little whelk is staying – right by us. Hypocritical piece of dirt”.

Others might argue that with gangsters, oligarchs, tax exiles and other assorted ne’er do wells seeming to pop up whenever Marbella makes the news, the beleaguered Boris was bound to choose ‘Marbs’ for his hols!

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