The new speed radar came into operation on Friday

New speed control radar in operation in Nueva Andalucia

If you own a supercar in the Golf Valley, then keep an eye on your speed!

The authorities in Nueva Andalucia yesterday officially announced a new speed control radar on the Avda. del Prado, also known as the Aloha Strip, to make sure that the new speed limit of 30kmh is adhered to.

The authorities explained that the radar had been installed after requests by residents, who had complained about impromptu street races and general speeding.

Avda. de Prado is one of the most popular areas of Nueva Andalucia, with several well known bars and restaurants, and it is not uncommon to see high performance cars breaking the speed limit.

Fines for speeding currently range from €100 – €600 and the loss of up to six points from a licence.

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