No Juan’s Land

One of the biggest nights of the summer has been cancelled this year.

Noche de San Juan is traditionally held on the evening of June 23, when leaping over bonfires on the beach and taking your first dip in the sea, while dressed in white, is meant to absolve you of your sins.

The purifying nature of the festival has been somewhat neglected over the past few years, with recent celebrations featuring huge crowds, reggaeton artists and fireworks. The resultant clean up operation the following day always makes the front pages too, with the beaches left looking more like a rubbish tip than a tourist attraction.

This year, however, the Noche de San Juan celebrations in Marbella have been cancelled by the Town Hall due to the coronavirus situation. So at least the sea and beaches will remain pristine. And we will just have to live with our sins for another year…

Photo: Delphine Ducaruge on Unsplash

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