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“Not just for me, do it for everyone”

Pablo Ráez is an extraordinary guy.  He suffers from leukemia  but rather than hide his treatment, he is using social media to heighten public awareness of the importance of blood and bone marrow donations.

Since he started documenting his day-to-day  progress on Social Media, Pablo’s story has gone viral and has is making an appeal to everyone to be aware of the importance of bonemarrow and blood donations

Malaga marrow donations have since reached an historical high of to 500 donations per month, although the average monthly figure is about 250.

Born in Marbella, 20-year-old Paulo has been battling leukemia since he was 18, surviving due to a  bone marrow transplant from his father. The first onset of cancer meant that he was hospitalised for several months and lost his sight at one stage.

Two months ago the leukemia returned and this time Pablo decided to document his progress with photos and videos with motivational messages, calling on people to donate bone marrow, not only for him but for many people suffering from this disease.

Donating bone marrow is a much simpler than is thought, with  only a blood donation needed. The marrow then goes into a global bank that can help people anywhere in the world.

You can follow Pablo on Intagram and Youtube @srraez


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