Obsessed by fitting – Paula Vincenti’s solo show in Santiago de Compostela


Marbella based artist Paula Vincenti is currently holding a major solo exhibition in Galicia.

Born in Buenos Aires but having made Marbella her home for many years, Paula’s show, ‘Obsesionados por encajar’, explores the themes of the origins of her art.

These can come from the least expected place – an everyday act, a unique experience, or a novel, a story, a song, a trend, a building, a scene from a movie a dream, an obsession, news on the radio, a simple object, anything, really.

It is never easy to know where and how art begins. The principles are always confusing and it is often is easier to see where something ends than to determine when it was born.

In Paula Vincenti’s painting the suspicion of this unusual journey grows. You want to ask “But Paula, where have you been? How did you get here?”. You understand everything a little better, however, when she explains that her references are on the one hand changing, nd on the other immutable, like the stories of Raymond Carver, the graphic designs of Barbara Kruger, Scott Fitzgerald’s sophistication, Paul Auster’s random worlds, Sophie Calle’s performances, cities like New York or New Orleans, the music of Coltrane, Miles Davis, Liza Minelli, The Beatles, Metallica, or PJ Harvey.

‘Obsesionados por encajar’ runs at the www.galeriametro.com until October 26

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