Demostrators outside the Town Hall

Old Town to Ghost Town – Business owners protest at Town Hall

Embattled business owners in Marbella’s Old Town took to the streets today to draw attention to their plight.

A hugely popular tourist destination, Marbella’s Old Town, with its small shops, galleries, bars and restaurants, has been badly hit by the loss of business due to coronavirus.

Many were further incensed when the Town Hall announced that it was to spend over 700,000 euros on Christmas Lights this year, though that was quickly retracted.

Around a hundred business owners demonstrated in the Plaza de Los Naranjos to demand direct aid from the Town Hall. They say they urgently need this support because of the increasing number of unique small business that are being forced to close.

If Marbella’s Old Town is to retain its atmospheric charm and not fall victim to the curse of the pop up shop, the Town Hall must take action, now!

Photo – Sean Curley

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