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Opps Olivia!!!

Marbella’s self-styled “Queen of the Night” Olivia Valere ran over a pedestrian and crashed into a petrol pump in San Pedro on Thursday.

The accident happened when Olivia, whose famous nightclub has attracted celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Prince Harry and Naomi Campbell, was driving away from the San Pedro petrol station in her blue Jaguar.

Video shows the car accelerating and knocking over a pedestrian who was walking towards the petrol station entrance. The car then carries on until it crashes into a petrol pump. Quick thinking staff quickly turned off the pump to avoid the possibility of an explosion.

The pedestrian escaped with minor injuries while Valere, who was driving with husband Phillipe, apparently told police that her “flip-flop” sandals slipped on the accelerator pedal. It’s not known at the moment whether she will face a charge of driving with inappropriate footwear.


Photo: Facebook Page Marbella se queja.



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