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Oscar Udeshi is a truly modern tailor, creating the softest, most comfortable, practical and lightweight tailored clothing imaginable. His wide range of made-to-measure clothing includes jeans and khakis, shirts and dressing gowns, as well as jackets, suits and much more, offering a complete clothing solution for the modern man. He brought his brand from London and launched his Marbella atelier in 2021 and Planet Marbella was delighted to visit this designer in his fitting room and find out more about him.

How did you become a tailor?

I didn’t take a conventional route into becoming a tailor and actually started my career as a banker in London, Frankfurt and New York. A bad car accident made me rethink what I was doing with my life and inspired me to make a change. So, I quit banking and went to an ashram in India for a month before starting to work through a list I’d made as a teenager of all the places I wanted to travel to. The time away and the amazing experiences I had during my travels made me realise that I enjoyed creating things with my hands rather than sitting in front of computer screens at a desk. I’d always loved clothes and found it difficult to find the right cuts and styles for me, so this encouraged me to train to become a shirtmaker under one of the last masters of Jermyn Street.

When did you launch your brand Udeshi?

After I trained to become a shirtmaker, I was really bitten by the fashion bug and immersed myself in the history and craftmanship involved with making menswear and tailoring. I love the act of creation and how what I design and make impacts that person and how it makes them feel to wear one of our lightweight and soft pieces. I launched the brand Udeshi in London in 1999 to offer a full range of made-to-measure menswear and was lucky enough to quickly develop a reputation in the industry.

I held my first catwalk show on the official Men’s Fashion Week calendar in Paris in less than three years after my first sketches on the back of a napkin. I have been told I was also one of the youngest fashion designers to have ever been invited to show in Paris at the time and that same year I was proud to be named one of the rising stars in menswear at the Pitti Uomo fashion event in Florence.

I opened my Mayfair showroom in 2006 and was dressing Oscar winners and titans of industry within a year of opening, and more than 20 years later we’re still going strong. It’s been quite a ride!

What’s your approach to designing made-to-measure clothes for your customers?

I see myself as a problem solver, working with my customers to create garments which are perfectly suited to their lifestyle, tastes, style and of course made to fit them like a glove. Most men associate tailoring with stiff and formal suits, or perhaps evening attire, but my style is very different from that. Men love our jeans, khakis and unstructured garments and we work with them to create beautiful clothes that they can enjoy wearing every day. My approach is to combine the softness of southern Italian clothing, with the aesthetic, silhouette and functionality of classic British tailoring. I use skilful cutting and careful sewing to create comfortable, almost weightless clothing for the gentleman of today.

Silk Purse from Sow’s Ear – Planet Marbella gets the Udeshi style!

What made you decide to bring the Udeshi brand and your family to Marbella?

After Brexit I felt it was time for a change and we were looking for the perfect destination combining great weather with a seaside location, excellent infrastructure and a fantastic lifestyle – Marbella is very tough to beat!

I also felt that men on the Costa del Sol would connect with my soft, lightweight, comfortable and exquisitely crafted clothing and value the quality and prestige of having made-to-measure clothing created just for them.

Since I arrived in Marbella in 2020, I’ve been inspired by the lifestyle on these sunny shores to design a new Resort Collection. This includes shorts, light short-sleeved shirts and polo shirts and even tailored swimwear. I can’t wait to see people in our trademark tailored towelling jackets and shorts at the pool and beach, and making a statement in our bright coloured and patterned fabric shorts and shirts this summer.

However, I haven’t abandoned my established customer base elsewhere in the world! I still see clients and hold Trunk Shows in London and across Europe.

Why should someone book a fitting with you and choose made-to-measure clothing from Udeshi?

If you want unique designs, which are lightweight, soft, comfortable and perfectly fitted to you, you’ll love Udeshi clothing. Our clients say they are so comfortable that you hardly notice you’re wearing them!

I’d also recommend a fitting for men who hate shopping, have unusual body shapes so find it hard to get clothes, or are just very particular about what they wear and want to have comfortable yet perfectly fitting clothing without the hassle.

We welcome Planet Marbella visitors to come and book a fitting at our Marbella fitting room and experience the ultimate luxury of bespoke clothing, made for you!
Where can people find out more?

Head over to our website www.udeshi.com or follow us on social media. You can find us on Instagram @udshilondon or on Facebook @Udeshibrand. People can also send an email to info@udeshi.co.uk or call me on +34 671 789 771 with any questions. I look forward to hearing from some of your readers!


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