The ‘Dubai-ification’ of Marbella continues.

The Tenencia de Alcaldia San Pedro Alcantara, under the leadership of Rafael Piña,  pushed forward its plans for the destruction of one of the last green areas in the town.

Early this morning excavators began clearing the land at the entrance to San Pedro’s main street. Palms that have stood for decades were dumped onto lorries and moved.

The disgraceful clearance of the site, to make way for a footbridge, waterfall, public toilets and tourist information, comes despite calls for a public consultation for the plan.

Last week there were two demonstrations against the removal of the palms, but Piña and his party have paid no attention to the public outcry and a petition that collected over 1000 signatures, preferring instead to take seven members of his OSP party to FITUR, the international tourist fair. Proving that he has a sense of the absurd, the delegate for parks and gardens was amongst those enjoying the free-flowing food and drink in Madrid.

Also this week the San Pedro association of Small Businesses wrote to Piña angry that yet another public work project was going ahead. Small businesses have been badly hit by the construction of underground parking as well as the pedestrianisation of the main street – which shows a fondness for brutalist granite blocks and stark lamp posts, not to mention the disruption that the San Pedro Boulevard caused.

It seems that the OSP is single-handedly intent on Obliterating San Pedro’s unique charm and history and replacing it with brutal granite and concrete. Piña and his party should be ashamed.