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Outcry at Triple A “attacks”

The Marbella community has come together to show solidarity with animal charity Triple A after a series of recent articles in the Press made sensationalist claims about the organisation.

Facebook almost melted with indignation, as Marbella residents showed their support for Triple A and voiced their condemnation of the erroneous articles Clickbait Journalism?. And other local newspapers couldn’t disguise their glee at seeing their competitors’ discomfort.

Further fuel to the Facebook fury was added when networking group Costa Women appeared to post last night that they would no longer be supporting Triple A and were cancelling a planned fashion show.

Condemnation of the action was swift and when Planet Marbella contacted Lilly van Tongeren at Triple A this morning, she confirmed that they first that she knew that they had been dropped by Costa Women was via the Facebook post.

We then contacted Ali Meehan of Costa Women who explained “To be clear, we have not decided to drop Triple A; I have written to Lilly to apologise for the stream of misunderstanding and promised to include their press release in this week’s Costa Women newsletter.

“Our local organiser felt obliged to postpone the event that she was kindly doing until next year due to the number of women who cancelled due to the controversy caused in Diario Sur and The Olive Press. The event will take place, but at the time it was felt that would be better at a later stage when the controversy is at a safer historical distance”.

Once again the Coast has come together magnificently to support Triple A, and I will be interviewing Triple A Founder Jan Weima on this Monday at 11.10am

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