Outrage at Plaza de los Naranjos remodelling

Marbella’s Town Hall has been strongly criticised by local residents and businesses for starting drastic renovation work on the town’s most famous square.

The remodelling of the Plaza de los Naranjos, in the heart of the Old Town, began at the end of last month and has resulted in a variety of trees and shrubs being uprooted.

Marbella Town Hall claims that the affected trees had been infected by pests and diseases and so needed to be removed. The remodelling promises a new square with “seasonally changing floral displays”.

The destruction has caused uproar, especially among the struggling bar, restaurant and small businesses located in the old town. The fact that Marbella has decided to undertake such a radical plan, without public consultation, while claiming there was no help r money available to the struggling small business community, has been widely condemned.

The new layout will also reduce the area available for restaurants to put tables on the plaza.

The Plaza de los Naranjos has been an integral part of Marbella’s history since the 15th century. The planned “renovation ” seems more like one of the worse excesses of the Gil era.


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