Over 2000 hectares lost, 2000 people evacuated as Pujerra fire burns for second day

The Pujerra fire has claimed over 2,000 ha of forrest and forced the evacuation of 2000 residents of Benahavis.

The blaze, which started yesterday afternoon, has been accelerated by high temperatures and strong winds that saw the fire spread at an incredible 30 metres a minute.

Last night the decision was taken to evacuate all residents of Benahavis centre, as well as Monte Mayor and Marbella Club urbanisations, and the village is still deserted this morning.

More than 1000 professionals, including military units, are currently involved in tackling the blaze, that has been estimated to have destroyed 2150 ha of forrest.

Firefighters worked through the night

Metrological conditions created by the fire have mean that it is too dangerous for the fixed wing firefighting aircraft to help, although helicopters and even drones have been used in the effort to halt the blaze.

Although the blaze continues, some good news is that the three firemen injured yesterday continue to make a good recovery, while firemen were also able to rescue a young deer as well

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