Overnight rains flood Marbella

Marbella residents woke up to storms and flooding in many areas this morning

The Spanish Metrological Office (AEMET) reported that they were expecting 100 cubic metres to fall between 20.00 Saturday and midnight tonight.

On the roads several cars have been abandoned and there is heavy flooding in several stretches, including the tunnel in Sabanillas (pictured). The rains have also washed rocks onto the roads, and caution when driving is advised.

The rain is set to continue throughout the day until Monday, when the Orange Alert will be downgraded to Yellow.


Photo. Facebook:Mery Ruis


***UPDATE*** Sol y Guadalhorce areas have been on RED ALERT for Extremely Heavy Rain  until 13:00hrs.

Taken from AeMet :Persistent and very heavy rainfall with thunderstorm activity and higher accumulations to 60 l in 3 hours on the west coast of Málaga are observed. Rainfall is likely to exceed 120 mm in 6 hours

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