Pablo Raez, whose struggle against leukemia inspired Spain, was posthumously honoured in a ceremony in Marbella today

Marbella mayor José Bernal awarded the 20-year-old, who passed away on Saturday, with a Medal of Marbella. In an emotional ceremony Pablo’s father and sister accepted the medal on his behalf. The Town Hall had originally postponed the ceremony to mark two days of official mourning,  but the family insisted that it went ahead

A visibly moved Bernal remarked that Pablo Ráez was a “Superhero who had wanted  to change the world for the better, proving to be extremely generous when life had not been so much with him.”

Bernal said that Pablo  “Will be forever part of Marbella” and highlighted the young man’s words  “You have to give more kisses, more hugs, be more happy and value the things that are truly important. ”

He also underlined the legacy left by Pablo in favour of bone marrow donation: “You have made people who did not think to donate marrow to do so and those thousands of donations that have already been made are thousands of lives you have helped.”

A petition is now being planned to name a street after Pablo. Also awarded Medals in the ceremony were  journalist Salvador de la Peña and the Aspandem association.