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Pet Poisoner at Large?

Pet owners in Marbella were urged to be vigilant after a recent wave of poisoning that left one beloved pet dead and two others seriously ill.

Guadalmina Alta resident Kirsten Fleig lost her dog Truco (pictured)  after taking a walk in the campo around the exculsive area.

“I took Truco down on our usual walk down to the Guadalmina River last  weekend” Kirsten told Planet Marbella “and on the way back he started to slow down and began vomiting”

“He was ill throughout the night and on the Monday morning I rushed him to the vet. He was transfered to a specialist clinic where blood tests revealed that he had been poisoned. The vets tried all they could but they couldn’t save him and Truco died the next day”

Speaking with her neighbours, Kirsten was horrified to discover that their pets had also been poisoned. “One had her cat go missing for four days and when it returned its teeth had fallen out and another also said that her dog had been vomiting but had survived.

“Someone must be putting poison down around the Rio Gualdamina area and I’d just like other pet owners to be aware and hopefully we can catch whoever did this, so that no one has to suffer like we have”.



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