Petition push for Turtle Lake Cleanup

A campaigning Irish expat has launched a campaign to save the wildlife and natural beauty of one of Marbella’s best known beauty spots

Turtle Lake (El Lago de las Tortugas) in Nueva Andalucia, has been a popular and picturesque spot for decades.

But a recent upsurge in anti-social behaviour, especially at night, has resulted in local residents setting up a petition to clean up the area.

Anthony Walsh explains “We are campaigning for the proper upkeep of the Turtle Lake; the protection and nurturing of its wildlife and the proper policing of the anti-social and dangerous behaviour which is a regular feature of night time activity in the area. We wrote to the Town Hall but all we got back was the standard reply advising that our letter had been copied to the relevant departments”..

The group has set up a petition to motivate the Town Hall in Marbella to live up to the minimum commitments they have made and to introduce improvements. You can sign the petition here – to support our campaign – do not contribute any money as it is not required.

” I firmly believe that a little effort and no major cost would see a major improvement for the wildlife in the lake, it just needs focus” says Anthony.


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