Phil Lynott’s last gigs in Marbella

January 4 marks the 30th anniversary of Phil Lynott’s untimley death. The charismatic Thin Lizzy founder passed away after collapsing in his home in the UK, after several years drink and drug abuse.

A little known fact, however, was that Phil played one of his last ever gigs in Marbella, as well as jamming at a beach bar the next weekend.

Phil’s band played at the Cuba nightclub in Carolina Park, Marbella on August 6. (Thin Lizzy fans wanting to pay tribute will find that the venue that also hosted acts such as Divine, is now a Chinese bazaar.)

Former radio presenter and now real estate agent Maurice Boland was running Cuba at the time, and remembers Phil and the other band members being more than a little lively.

The following weekend, the Puerto Banus party crowd as well as musicians from the Port’s many piano bars, were working up a sweat and working off their hangovers at Mel’s Beach, a Sunday afternoon jam session that was hugely popular.

Mel Williams remembers that all musicians who wanted to play had to register with his wife Sally. “Sally didn’t know who he was, and Phil told her that he played a bit of bass and sang a bit”

Phil delivered a blistering set for the next half hour ( I was lucky enough to be there!) and the big names didn’t stop there.

“It was an incredible afternoon” laughs Mel “Because next up was Edwin Starr!”


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