Putting Food on the Table

Between 70 and 130 children a day in Marbella are benefiting  from the Junta de Andalucia’s Solidaridad y Garantía Alimentaria programme that runs during the summer holidays.
The programme focusses on three groups. One is for children in groups that are deemed at risk of social exclusion, another for people on low incomes and a third is a home delivery service for those over 65 who are on low incomes and unable to visit their local social centres.
In Marbella the food distribution for children is organised by the Undebel Villela local association using the facililties of the Rafael Fernández-Mayoralas college. Marbella Councillor for Social Rights Victoria Morales visited the college to see the programme at work at first hand, going out with the association to buy food from local businesses and later help in preparing breakfast.
Morales explained that the programme will run throughout the summer and was open to all those that qualified for aid. The school canteens have fed up to 120 on one day, although the number is usually slightly less. On the day of the Councillor’s visit, the centre provided breakfast for 75 children.

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