Zeus made a miraculous recovery

Residents warned as pet poisoner strikes in Benahavis

Pet owners and walkers in Benahavis have been been warned to be vigilant after two cases of what seems to be deliberate poisoning left one dog dead and another fighting for its life

In October a small dog died after eating poison that had been placed on a popular walking trail behind the Guadalmina reservoir. The poisoner struck again last week when another dog, a Husky named Zeus, (pictured above) ate poison and was left battling for his life. Luckily, the prompt action of Benahavis vets and the size and breed of the dog meant that Zeus survived his ordeal.

Guadalmina reservoir. Photo www.andaluciarustica.com

After the latest case, local residents have voiced their concerns and warned people planning to go walking with young children and dogs in Benahavis to be extra vigilant. ” It’s a terrible situation,” one commented “so many of us walk our dogs on the trails in Benahavis and now we are all having to avoid the area because of some sicko!”

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