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Sami James – Found & Lost

Home grown talent on the Coast continues to florish. A case in point is the new CD from Sami James – FOUND & LOST.

A compilation of ten original songs, the album was composed and performed by Sami and recorded in several studios from London, UK to Marbella, Spain.

Sami’s unique style in the indie/folk/rock genre speaks of his personal life experiences, hope, love and escapism. With acoustic guitar based music with thought provoking lyrics, his songs range from rocky tunes to melodic haunting anthems.

This eclectic mix of Sami´s best songs from 2014 to date include this summer´s lockdown release of his single “Life Has Just Begun” recorded in Marbella with Mikki Nilsen. This song haunts the emotions and experiences that many felt during the 2020 pandemic crisis and Sami has brought these feelings out in his lyrics and music.
The most recent video, for ‘Life Has Just Begun’ was shot in an abandoned mansion in Marbella and filmed by the talented Eva Nilsen.

Whilst juggling performances at live events, even if restricted and several online lockdown events during the summer, Sami continues to write new material and is forming a new flamenco/indie fusion band, “The Rabbit Holes” with other local Spanish artists ready to launch in the early autumn.

Sami´s album is available to download via all the usual channels: Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and available for purchase via his website http://pinkpurpleproductions.com/sami-james




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