San Pedro Feria to enjoy traditional weather this Thursday!

In this ever changing world, it is good to know that some things remain constant.

While Marbella and San Pedro have both undergone significant changes and developements over the decades, there is one thing that you can always count on.

During Feria week it will rain.

So despite the dry spell that Spain has been enduring, the latest update from the Spanish Metrological Office (AEMET), proves that some traditions remain – with a yellow warning for rain on Thursday 19.

This year’s Feria has already been a great success, with the La Caridad venue described by mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, as “a magnificent space which has been recovered for the enjoyment of citizens and we are sure that this year it will repeat the success of the previous edition”, while highlighting that “improvements have been made to the facility and a complete programme has been designed to be very special for everyone.”

In addition to the day fair in the church square, highlights include a performance by El Arrabeto on Friday 20 and as well as Don Patricio on Saturday 21.

Just be sure to bring a brolly for Thursday!

The full events programme can be found below


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