Marbella’s Green heritage is once again under threat

In a move that has dismayed residents, the Tenencia de Alcaldia under the leadership of the OSP’s Rafael Piña Troyano, is pushing ahead with a scheme that will see some of San Pedro oldest palm trees uprooted.

Piña wants to redevelop the area, at the entrance to the town’s now mainly pedestrianised main street, and replace the palms with a waterfall, public toilets, tourism office and a bridge to the boulevard. He states that the area has become run down and is a health hazard due to dog mess.

Opponents to the scheme held a rally on Friday afternoon, arguing that the trees are one of the last few original green areas of San Pedro, and this is only the latest in a series of “redevelopments” that have seen old trees in Marbella cut down and replaced by smaller young trees and granite walkways in a urban plan that seems to want to “Dubaibify” Marbella – replace the town’s unique character with something contemporary and sterile.

Residents were even more alarmed to hear excavators at work this morning, despite a public meeting to debate the scheme due to take place at 6pm this evening. The work has since stopped after an outcry on Social Media.

With the future of one of the last remaining, historical Green areas in Marbella hanging in the balance, perhaps Piña should rename his party OHESP – “Obliterate History & Environment San Pedro”