Second Heatwave Hits Today

It is going to be a hot week, as Spain has weather warnings issued for today and tomorrow, with the arrival of second major heatwave of the year

Parts of Andalusia will see temperatures exceed 44ºC, with a red alert in place for most of today from 1pm until tonight. Much of the rest of the country will be under amber and yellow weather warnings, where temperatures are expected to exceed 38ºC.

In Marbella the hottest day will be Wednesday when temperatures are forecast to hit 37ºC.

Meterological officials have said the heatwave is expected to last until the middle of the week, with calima conditions expected towrds the end of it as dust from the Sahara will blow over mainland Spain. So don’t bother washing the car…

Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash


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