Mayor Munoz visits a school

Security, tranquility and confidence ” – Marbella goes back to school.

Marbella is a safe place to go back to school. That is the message underlined by mayor Angeles Muñoz as the town’s public schools opened today.

Marbella Town Hall has launched an ambitious prevention plan for the start of the year. Additional municipal workers have been employed and 33 educational centres (including nurseries, adult centres and morning classrooms) underwent a total disinfection last week.

On a visit to the Santa Teresa school on Friday, Muñoz stressed that the Town Hall had adopted all the necessary measures within the municipal powers “so that the return to the classes are totally safe”. She also added that the disinfection programme would “… reach more than 750 classrooms, 23 gyms, 86 offices and 33 pavilions”.

“These are specific and exceptional measures, following the health recommendations of the central government and the Junta de Andalucía,” said Muñoz, who stated that “for months we have been working side by side with the directors of the different schools so that the return to the classroom takes place with security, tranquility and confidence ”.

As well as measures such as the reinforcement of municipal staff, janitors and local police, Muñoz highlighted that “above all, at the times of entry and exit, that there must be greater vigilance and attention to avoid crowds”.

The Town Hall measures will also be backed up with disinfection carried out by a specialised company with a “specific and concrete protocol” and a permanent team in each educational center to constantly monitor the disinfection of the premises. This action will also be carried out after each use of the fifteen buses used for school transport.


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