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Semana Santa in Marbella

Semana Santa is in full swing in Marbella, and tonight, viernes santo, is perhaps the most emotional procession of the week

A series of floats, carried by Marbella’s devout brotherhoods, will be carried through the centre of Marbella this evening. Viernes santo is the darkest of the processions, so expect what an art critic could describe as “Late Catholic Renaissance Suffering Style”, plenty of detail in the crown of thorns, beads of blood, open wounds and the agonised expression of Christ himself. Happy Clappy Christianity this is not.

It’s a moving experience and with some of the processions in silence while at others people cry out “guapa! guapa!” or sing to the Virgin Mary. The best known image of Semana Santa are the Nazarenos, people cloaked in the traditional costume of repentance.

Processions start this evening in Marbella from 8pm. No procession on Saturday, with the resurrection processions taking place in Marbella from 11.45 am

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Photo. Percy Roland

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