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Good news for Smurf Town

Even though Andalucia is in the midst of one of the worst recesssions in living memory, Malaga council has allocated €300,000 for … The Smurfs

Malaga council has said that Júzcar, the village that was painted blue as part of the film’s promotion, will host the premiere of the third movie in the series.

Júzcar, which was painted blue for the 2011 film “The Smurfs” has become a tourist attraction.

With the third film in the series out soon, producers have said that they will be holding the film’s premiere in the town.

Malaga council has said they will invest €300,000 in a marketing and refurbishment campaign, which will see a new parking area built as well as signage and repainting across the town.

In other cartoon related news, rumours of a tie-in between Marbella and the Wacky Racers, in light of some of the driving witnessed over the summer, have yet to be confirmed…

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