So long Starlite?

Starlite Festival’s future in Marbella seemed to be in doubt as police closed the nightclub section at 2am last night

Starlite, which has been running in the Marbella Auditorio for five years, had been operating its open air club until 6am, much to the concern of residents in the exclusive Naguelles area.

It is unclear whether the police action will have any effect on the remainder of the concert programme. Miguel Bose is scheduled to play tonight, although Irish band The Cranberries, due to play on August 5, have already pulled out due to medical reasons. The Starlite Festival website made no mention of last night’s events.

Starlite Marbella had already run into difficulties with Marbella Town Hall over the legalities of this year’s festival. Sources close to the Town Hall told Planet Marbella that this could be the last year that Starlite takes place.

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