Something for the Weekend? Book Review: “Moon Sister” by Lucinda Riley

Alicia Duggan at The Bookshop reviews the latest releases.

Moon Sister is the eagerly awaited fifth volume in the Shadow Sisters series, however, the books can also be read as stand-alone novels. This novel follows one of Pa Salt’s adopted daughters, Tiggy.

Tiggy takes a job caring for animals on the Scottish estate of Kinnaird where she meets Chilly, a gypsy, who informs her that she has a sixth sense passed down from her Spanish ancestors.

This revelation takes Tiggy to Granada and the Alhambra. She discovers her connections to the Gypsy community of Sacromonte, who suffered appalling treatment under Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

From here Tiggy travels to South America and New York on a journey of self-discovery.

With meticulous historical detail and a captivating narrative, Lucinda Riley’s latest offering does not disappoint.


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