Something for the Weekend – Book Review

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
By Gail Honeyman

Our number one bestselling book. Eleanor Oliphant thinks she is completely fine. She is efficient and organised at work from Monday to Friday and survives the weekend by drinking vodka until Monday comes and she can begin the routine again.

The truth is Eleanor is profoundly lonely and socially awkward, mostly because of her traumatic childhood, the details of which come out as the story unfolds. She is very intelligent, eloquent and polite, but she lacks the ability to filter what she says and so will tell you exactly what she is thinking which leads to numerous hilarious and cringeworthy moments in the book.

Eleanor is the office oddball and has little or no meaningful interactions with her co-workers until one day her computer isn’t working and she meets Raymond from IT. Raymond is kind, caring and intrigued by Eleanor, but she’s not interested. She’s busy trying to re-create herself for the man of her dreams (who she has never actually met). But after work one day Eleanor and Raymond come across a man who has fallen on the street. Together they help him and so begins a friendship that is the catalyst for the subsequent changes in Eleanor’s life.

The story is beautifully told from Eleanor’s point of view and will have you in tears, both happy and sad ones. It is heart-warming, heart-breaking, charming, hopeful, inspiring and a definite must read!

Review by Alicia Duggan

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