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Something for the Weekend? Noche de San Juan

It’s one of the most eagerly awaited nights of the year

Noche de San Juan, that takes place tonight, June 23, sees thousands of people, many dressed in white, flock to the beach to enjoy this unique celebration.

In Marbella and San Pedro you will seee people leaping over bonfires and at midnight going into the Mediterranean.

According to legend the fire cleanses the body and soul while the dip in the sea washes away evil spirits.

Marbella being Marbella, of course, you can do San Juan in a variety of styles, from a three course dinner and live entertainment at a beach club, to just going with a group of friends and heading to the paseo – San Pedro is always popular. But wherever you are going to celebrate, PLEASE take your rubbish with you afterwards!

Personally, it’s going to take more than one night, a leap over a bonfire and a quick dip in the Med to cleanse me of my sins, trust me. So I’ve ordered in four tins of whitewash, a flamethrower and a water cannon. That little lot should do the trick!

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