Something for the weekend? ‘Ramble book’ by adam buxton

Alicia Duggen from The Bookshop reviews the latest releases

This charming, warm, and self-deprecating memoir is stuffed to the gills with humorous anecdotes as well as his thoughts and recollections of time spent with his father (Bad Dad as he was known on the Adam and Joe show).

In this volume he revisits his childhood and explores his obsession with pop culture, David Bowie, and his friendship with Joe Cornish and Louis Theroux.
Whether you’re already a fan of his podcasts and his ‘ramble chat’ format or not he’s got such an easy good humoured style that you can’t help but be won over by his wit and insight.

As the quote that he pulled off YouTube about Dynamo said – ‘Dis guy must be a alien or sutin.’


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