Starlite – Pijo Popsters Performance Proves Pandemic Protection Pointless!

Starlite Festival came under a hail of criticism on Social Media after Friday’s performance in Marbella by Madrid band Taburete.

The criticism wasn’t for the paucity of the group’s ‘pijo pop’ – which is bad enough trust me – pijo is roughly the equivalent to yuppie. You know the type. Lots of chino wearing, untucked polo shirts, living in Madrid, PP – voting types (frontman Willy Bárcenas is the son of disgraced PP Treasure Luis Bárcenas, currently serving a 33-year prison sentence for his role in the Gurtel scandal) – that come to Marbella for August.

In a week when Spain became the European nation with the most coronavirus cases and police have been fining individuals and closing establishments for failing to wear masks or observe social distancing, it was a little galling – to put it mildly – to see the crowd dancing together at the concert, with Bárcenas urging them on.

Many questioned why the police or security failed to intervene, or why Tarburete urged them on.

After years of complaints from nearby residents about noise levels and opening hours, once again it seems that, in Marbella, there is one rule for Starlite and another for the rest of us…


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