Starlite to Marbella. It’s over. See you in court.

Well – that escalated quickly

Starlite organisers have sensationally ended their links with Marbella after lashing out against the Town Hall and threatening court action,

The organisers made their announcement shortly after mayor José Bernal, guaranteed Marbella’s support as long as the leisure area of the festival complied with the laws that required it to close at 2am

In response Starlite accused the Town Hall of  an “obstructive” attitude and said it would take  “legal action to defend the interests of the festival.”

In its Press Release Starlite, now in its sixth year in Marbella, said that it had made a significant contribution to Marbella tourism, and would be in talks with other towns that wanted to host the festival next year.

One thing seems certain. This year’s Starlite will be the last in Marbella.


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