Storm of the century

Last weeks storm’s have been declared the worst in over a century, after the national meteorological agency – AEMET – released new data.

More rain fell in one day than in a year on average in places, making it the worst storm since 1879. It’s believed the storm was caused as part of Hurricane Dorian, rather than climate change.

Six people died, and two remain missing, after torrential rains caused widespread flooding across much of south and eastern Spain. 4,000 people were evacuated from their homes and 80 roads were severely damaged, with 25 municipalities reporting serious damage to their infrastructure

Some places saw over 600 litres per square metre of rainfall.

Flooding was reported across the weekend, with further downpours and flash floods in parts of Malaga as the storm moved westwards.

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez visited the affected regions over the weekend, saying that every possible resource will be given to help those affected by the flooding.

The Government is to discuss declaring a catastrophe in the next few days, once flood waters have receded and estimates of the cost of material damages is made.

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