Sunday Morning Mutterings – A message for you, rudies

I’ve been wondering if we are all becoming ruder. 

The reason behind his came while shooting a promotional video on the beach in Fuengirola.

There was I, strolling along the shores of the Mediterranean with my rather beautiful co-presenter. The sun was coming up, the castle looked magnificent, the sea was shimmering and it was all in all a another picture perfect day on the Costa del Sol

My reverie on life, the universe, and all things rather splendid, however, was abruptly shattered by a Scandinavian gentleman of boomer years who was walking his dogs. As he passed the camera crew he assailed us with the following, I presume, traditional Swedish greeting.

“Put your F****** masks on”

It was one of those increasingly frequent moments where I count myself blessed with the fact that we are not allowed to carry firearms in Spain, or I would have been reaching for a small handgun. Instead I replied with a friendly “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!”

If 2020 has told us anything, it seems to be that rudeness is now socially acceptable.

As with many things Covid seemed to take the blame. You are either pro or anti mask, vax or whatever and there seems to be no middle ground. If I am pro mask and jab I’m obviously a foot soldier of the illuminati and if I’m anti I’m Muesli knitting yoga type of the worst sort. Social media has seen considered conversation replaces by a scattering of profanities and insults as the norm.  I’ve lost count of the number of times my posts have attracted such ‘sheeple’ and ‘wake up’ comments, normally in caps

When I moved to Andalucia in the 80s from Stoke on Trent, I could not believe the volume and passion of everyday conversation. It seemed the whole of Marbella was in a furious argument and I was half expecting punches to be thrown and knives unsheathed at any moment. The ‘full on’ nature average Andalus conversation is, however, far better that then the anonymous and snivelling sniping from keyboard warriors on social media

In the mean time stay safe, be kind and, if you are say something rude, say it from behind a mask!

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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