Sunday Morning Mutterings – ‘Disoluzenment’ Days

How were things for you in the first weeks of the ‘new normal’?

As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough during lockdown to have permission to travel to the radio station to broadcast – my status as an ‘essential worker’ probably being the first time that I’ve been an ‘essential’ anything.

As a single man living in splendid isolation by the lake- apart from the house guest in the guest cottage – my routine before, during and after the lockdown has tended to be home-studio-home, so the quarantine didn’t have too dramatic an impact on my life. Although the shutting down of restaurants did mean that freebie meals as a freelance food critic were curtailed. I can hear you lamenting my predicament from here.

Once the shackles of confinement were lifted, however, there was no stopping the public from heading towards the beaches en masse. On the first weekend after the lockdown one of my friends – unsurprisingly a grua driver (the Landcruiser is still off the road) – reported that there were queues of an hour to get onto the beach at Cabopino.

Elsewhere my social media feeds were jammed with so many images of Tarifa, Bolonia and Zahara that I reasoned that 80 percent of Marbella had taken the advice of The Village People and ‘gone west’.

It also led me to conjure up a new verb; disoluzenment. ‘To drive to the Costa de la Luz with the aim of lounging on the golden sands, only to find that new social media regulations mean the Guardia Civil have blocked the roads’.


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