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Sunday Morning Mutterings – Have yourself a Covid Little Christmas time

And just like that, it was Christmas.

Traditionally the festive season is a little different for freelancers like myself as we indulge in the yearly game of ‘Make sure you get paid by all your clients by the second week of December, or you won’t see your hard earned until they get back after Three Kings”.

In a funny way, I will miss the equally traditional response of all secretaries and P.A.s at this special time of year that goes something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry, he’s gone skiing in Sierra Nevada’. The movement restrictions have put paid to that one. 2020 being The Year That Was, the last time I looked at the slopes they were absolutely pristine, but all activities are banned until December 18. You can bet your bottom ‘centimo’ that when we are allowed to ski, there will be a never before experienced thaw…

Christmas festivities have been curtailed as well. A 1.30am maximum curfew has been announced for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve that means we may be treated to the sight of the devout legging it home at 1.15am after Midnight Mass.

A 1.30am curfew and no gatherings to do the grapes etc. on New Years Eve will also be somewhat of a damp seasonal squib. Whereas in the UK, midnight is the highpoint of the festivities, where everyone is well oiled and then goes around kissing anything in range, including the Labrador shirking in the kitchen, the Spanish haven’t even got out of their festive first gear as the clock strikes.

As well as this, the lack of season celebrations will have serious implications for a freelancer like myself. I can normally count on at least two Christmas events to ward off starvation, plus I normally carry a discreet man bag containing Tupperware. ‘One for the plate, one for the take away’, is my mantra.

Even the baccalaurean celebration that is the Olive Press Christmas Lunch seems to have been put on hold. So this year it looks like I will spend the Festive Season watching my specially commissioned ‘Highlights 2020’ video (all 30 seconds of it) while dressed in my New Years Eve Fancy Dress Outfit – a giant Scotch Egg…

Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash

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