Sunday Morning Mutterings – Life begins at 30?

With lockdown restrictions lifted, you might have been tempted to head out on the highway and enjoy the open road.

Not all the roads however, as new driving regulations came into force throughout Spain last week that limited the maximum speed in certain parts of municipalities to 30kph.

This presents something of a problem if one drives a supercar or sports car,  as it limits you to second gear. In addition, it is rather galling for people like myself who have an ‘interesting relationship’ with cyclists as the Lycra brigade sail past. Even more so on pedestrianised streets where the limit is down to 20 kph, and you will probably have electric scooters zipping by as well.  

Regular readers will know that with my lack of luck with all things relating to cars, I don’t tend to go above 30 kph.  Mainly because I’m pushing the bleeding thing…  

One of the benefits of having a having a large 4×4 is that it is an automatic, which allows me to crawl along without that much effort. Perhaps this is the perfect time to invest in a new car stereo and just sit back and relax. If you find yourself in a 20 zone, you could pass the time with a crossword, take on a fiendish Sudoku or even try your hand at that thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle that you have been itching to complete

In other motoring matters, I visited my local petrol station and asked for a factura. I have been using this particular station for a while, speaking my own ‘peculiar’ brand of Spanish.

Giving my NIE number for the factura, the cashiers looked incredulously at the name on their screen ‘Gil?’ they asked ‘But you speak Spanish with an Andalus accent! You must be some sort of mixture between a guiri and an Andalusian. A guiriluz!

Ever since then, whenever I walk through the sliding doors, I’m greeted with a rousing chorus of ‘Guiriluz!”

At least it is nice to be remembered.

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