The view from your sofa at Vista Lago Residences…

Supermarket sweep!

It’s July and summer is officially here.

And how do we know this?

No, it isn’t due to any official decree from the Marbella Town Hall, or the fact that The Only Way is Essex is due to start filming its Marbella episodes any day now.

It’s not even the fact that Social Media is continuing to get itself in a Right Royal Froth about the fact that bikini wearing blitzed Brits have been photographed stumbling around Banus clutching inflatable penises before lunch, or that Sisu seems intent on breaking the sound barrier with their pool parties. (I’m not saying they are loud, but I’m sure I saw a small guy lifted clean off his scooter as he rode by and the subwoofers kicked in).

No, the real sign that summer has arrived is that El Corte Ingles is open on Sundays. July 2 marks the first Sunday of the summer and the hours are from 10.30-22.30.

As well as El Corte Ingles, Aldi on the Golden Mile (which we like for the fact that they actually open another checkout when a queue forms. It’s obviously a German thing) also opens on the same Sunday as does Dia%.

But not everyone is in on the act. Checking Mercadona’s website this morning, it seems that they will be staying shut through summer Sundays…

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