‘Surrealisms’ retrospective at the Ralli

A new exhibition at the Ralli Marbella Museum explores the theory that there is neither a single definition of surrealism nor a single way of understanding it.

Artists such Arcimboldo, El Bosco, De Chirico or Chagall were artists before that term even existed. On the other hand, there is the surrealism of André Bretón, of those who were expelled from the movement or questioned it, and the movements that came afterwards – abstract, figurative or pop surrealism. Perhaps, instead of speaking of ‘Surrealism’ with capital letters, it would be more apt to speak of ‘Surrealisms’.

“Surrealisms exhibition. From Giorgio de Chirico to Francis Bacon” explores the different languages ​​and trajectories of some of the most outstanding Surrealist artists in history, such as André Masson, Salvador Dalí, Man Ray and Joan Miró. It also has work by other young painters who joined the movement in its latter stages or who continue to make surrealist art beyond it.

The exhibition also reflects on how surrealism is found in the work of artists who do not adhere to a trend or to a single style. We see this clearly in figures like Giorgio de Chirico, Marc Chagall or Francis Bacon.

Opening Times Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

RALLI MUSEUM Urb. Coral Beach, Ctra. Cádiz N.340, Km.176 29602 Marbella

Call. 952 857 923



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