The girlfriend of a British teenager who jumped to his death from the roof of El Corte Ingles posted an Instagram message on the morning of the tragedy which said: “It’s a dirty world that I don’t want to live in anymore.”

The 14-year-old added ‘I’m Sorry’: “To anyone who has ever loved/known or supported me, thank you, I love you and I will miss you.”

Her 16-year-old companion and fellow student at Aloha College, messaged friends saying they were on their way to El Corte Ingles.

Sources close to the ongoing investigation into the tragedy told how the mother of one of their alarmed friends phoned the department store to warn them while they launched their own frantic search for them in the streets around the building.

A security guard spotted the pair on the roof on store cameras – before a colleague was able to grab the girl on a tiny raised roof platform seconds after her boyfriend plunged to his death shortly before midday on Friday. Spanish Press have reported that the girl then asked the stunned security to take a photograph for Social Media.

Although police initially said he was 14 and his friend 16, official sources on Saturday confirmed he was 16 and she is 14.He is the son of a Brazilian mum and British dad now thought to spend part of his time in the UK. Police have declined to name the pair as they are minors.

The boy plunged to his death at 11.42am on Friday – less than 20 minutes after the couple entered the store.

CCTV footage police have been given shows him appearing to push the teenage girl away from the edge of the roof towards safety after she experienced a “split-second” of doubt, before he leapt.He hit a tree and street sign before smashing onto the pavement 65ft below.

A well-placed source said: “Several calls went into to the department store from people who said they had published social media messages warning what they were going to do.
Another source close to the police investigation added: “Officers are still going through the CCTV but the boy can be seen pushing the girl backwards away from the edge.

Police have declined to comment on the reasons that led the couple to take their drastic action
Friends and well-wishers have left flowers and candles at the spot where Richard died.
One, signed Giulia and Deborah, said: “You will always be in our hearts, forever love you and we hope you find peace now. Love and kisses.”

Another, written on a piece of brown paper left under a lit candle, added: “Rest in paradise. I hope you’re not struggling wherever you are now. You will forever be missed.”


Photo: Solarpix