The Marbella Monday Memo

Safe to say that the last week of August 2020 was memorable

Saturday saw a huge blaze devastate popular luxury commercial centre Laguna Village. The thatched roof went up in a matter of seconds and it was somewhat of a miracle that no one was killed. Our sympathies to all those businesses that have been affected by this cruel blow. As if 2020 wasn’t hard enough.

Elsewhere there has been no news on the kidnapping of the associate of a Dutch drug baron, or those behind the shooting of a Moroccan in Nueva Andalucia. The painstaking work into determining the cause of the Sisu Boutique Hotel fire continued. Sisu director Neal thanked the firefighters that saved his life when they rescued him and two guests from the roof terrace of the building.

In other news the number of coronavirus cases continued to rise, with 129 cases recorded in Marbella over the weekend, bringing the total number to 1523, second only to Malaga city itself.

Finally, the Starlite Festival finished with a concert by Spanish singer Aitana on Saturday. Now in its ninth year, Starlite attracted considerable criticism, especially after the performance of Taburete and their ‘p*tas mascaras’ comment on stage as well as the busy concerts of Bisbal, Melindo and Morat.

September begins tomorrow. At least we can all take a deep breath and celebrate that we survived this ‘memorable’ summer!

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