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The marbella monday memo…

If a week is a long time in politics then a weekend in Marbella is even longer, with enough intrigue and violence to make Game of Thrones look like High School Musical. And there was even a comedy punchline at the end…

The local, national and international Press covered the horrendous fire that claimed a life at the Sisu Boutique Hotel. Once again, the Internet seemed to be suddenly full of forensic experts, all expanding on their theories. Sisu was quick to put out a statement that expressed sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased, praised the response of the emergency services. It also informed those who had made wild accusations that it had consulted its lawyers…

The following night saw a kidnapping on the ‘Aloha Strip’ in Nueva Andalucia. According to eyewitness, two unmarked cars with blue lights stopped a Brabus G-Wagon close to the Kah restaurant. The driver was bundled away and his female passenger threatened at gunpoint. As of Monday, nothing further had been heard about the victim.

In the midst of this, Marbella Town Hall put out a press release with mayor Angeles Muñoz proudly welcoming journalists from Forbes France, who were doing a report on Marbella. One can only hope that she kept the aforementioned Press firmly within the limits of Marbella itself, rather than heading to the badlands of Banus…

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